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Find out about the latest electricity smart tariffs and save money on your bill.


This website provides data from Octopus Energy to show the current prices for some of the most innovative smart tariffs. We provide tables and graphs of prices for the Agile Octopus, Outgoing Agile, Octopus Go, Go Faster, Tracker, Cosy and Flux tariffs. We also provide data for download in a CSV file

We have added tools to Calculate 49 days before a date to find when you can switch tariff without penalty, find your electricity region and find the best time to use and appliance or charge your electric vehicle.

Supply of electrical power.

The demand on the grid varies constantly, day and night, hour by hour, and has to be balanced by the production of electricity. Some traditional generating capacity takes time to bring on line and some renewable depend on the current weather conditions. A spot price for every half an hour is produced based on expected supply and demand. If high demand is forecast then the price rises; conversely if a surplus of energy is expected the price will drop, sometimes to a negative value. The Octopus Energy Agile tariffs are directly related to these half hourly spot prices.

Yes, you could be paid to consume electricity!

The smarter grid.

As demand for electricity increases the grid will either need to be upgraded at great expense to us all, or we will need to use the grid in a smarter way. Generating electricity perhaps using solar, wind turbines and or biomass close to the consumers reduces long transmission lines. If we can reduce peak demand by smart scheduling of loads the grid will have greater resilience.

The smarter grid should deliver cheaper energy for consumers as well as being 'greener' by accommodating more renewable generation.

The grid needs to be built for the highest peak loads, if consumers are able to adjust loads on the grid away from the peak times the demand curve is flattened and the grid is not overloaded.

By reducing our use of appliances and not charging electric vehicles during the peak hours of 4pm to 7pm, we can both protect the grid and save money.

Time of Use Tariff.

A few years ago, the only time of use tariffs were economy 7 which provided cheaper electricity for 7 hours off peak and economy 10 which had off peak pricing at set times afternoon and overnight. Now with more modern technology the concept has been expanded to have different pricing for each 30 minutes.

Octopus Energy have produced the first smart time of use tariff which features 30 minute pricing. Prices are published at about 4:30pm for the following day, so you can plan your future consumption, Octopus Energy can even send you an email alert when the Octopus Agile price dips below zero!

See the Latest Agile Octopus prices.

The half hourly price is made up of the real price of electricity that Octopus Energy forward buy and a factor for distribution and overheads. During the period 4pm to 7pm a supplement (11 to 14p/kWh depending on region) is added to reduce demand. The price is capped to protect the consumer from extreme price spikes.

To find your relevant tariff you will need to determine which region is responsible for your supply. Find your region by entering your postcode on this page.

Click on the 'Agile Prices' menu above and select your region, to show the latest Octopus Energy prices and graph.

If you want to analyse what your smart bill would be based on your historical consumption - download a file of prices for your tariff. From the 'Download Data' menu, select your region.

The latest Octopus Go / Go Faster prices.

The Octopus Go tariff is great value for electric vehicle drivers. The Go tariff has a cheap period for five hours (00:30 and 05:30 local times) every night where the price is lower than the standard fixed price for the remainder of the day.

The Go Faster tariff (sadly not available after 13th October 2022) allowed greater flexibility to choose both the duration and start time of the cheap period.

During the cheap period the same rate applies to any other electrical usage so use timed start on your immersion heater, dishwasher, washing machine or tumble drier!

The price for remaining hours is fixed, to find the price, standing charge and graph for your region click on the 'Go Prices' menu above.

Octopus Tracker

This is a variable tariff for Gas and Electricity which follows the wholesale price of energy these tariffs have been capped to protect the consumer.

It is possible to select tracker for just gas and another tariff for electricity.

If you want to analyse what your bill would be based on your historical consumption - download a file of prices for your tariff. From the 'Download Data' menu, select your region.

Cosy Octopus

The Cosy Octopus electricity tariff is a three rate tariff for homes with a ground (GSHP) or air source heat pump (ASHP).

There is a basic rate, two cheaper rates and a peak rate each day.

Cheaper rates are between 04:00-07:00 and 13:00-16:00, the peak rate is between 16:00-19:00 daily.

Octopus Flux

The Octopus Flux electricity tariff is a three rate import and export tariff for homes with solar and storage.

There is a day rate, Flux (cheaper rate) and a peak rate each day.

Flux rates are between 02:00-05:00, the peak rate is between 16:00-19:00 UK local times daily.

Octopus Outgoing.

Since the government's feed in tariff (FIT) for new installations came to an end in April 2019, Octopus Energy have introduced the UK's first smart export tariff. You can choose either a fixed unit price or an agile one where the price varies according to the grid supply and demand. With these tariffs you will be paid for measured exports.

If you have an existing system will have to give up your 50% deemed export payments (but, keeping your generation payments) and judge if the amount you expect to export is more than the assumed 50% before changing.

A battery system could store your produced energy and then export to the grid at the time of the best price(s), you could even fill the battery at the low price point using the agile tariff and export back during peak demand, although the present cost of batteries would need a long payback period!

See the latest prices on our Agile Page for your region. We also have historical Agile Outgoing prices on our download page.



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