Apply to borrow a FLIR thermal camera from Octopus Energy.

Become more energy efficient, stay warm for less, find the places where energy is being wasted in your house.

The camera plugs into your mobile phone, either IOS or Android with a USB-C port.

Existing Octopus Energy customers can borrow a FLIR thermal camera for seven days from Octopus Energy. Even the postage is FREE!

FLIR ONE package

Open the box carefully then it can be resealed to return the camera and post paid return address label attached.

Thermal camera

The contents of the FLIR ONE box: USB charging cable - charge the camera for one hour before using,; protective case and camera.

The length of the camera plug can be adjusted by rotating the blue thumb wheel to adjust for different phone case thicknesses.

Find where the heat is escaping from your home. Can be used inside, to spot cold spots, and outside the house to spot any heat escaping. For best results choose a time when the difference between inside and outside temperatures is greatest, for example just after dawn when the heating has been on during the night.

thermal picture thermal picture 2

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