Calculate 49 days before your fixed energy deal ends.

Want to switch energy suppliers, but, have an exit fee?

OFGEM rules state that if you are on a fixed term contract your supplier must inform you when your fixed contract is coming to an end they must do this between 42 and 49 days before the contract ends. Between this notice period and the contract end suppliers are banned from charging a termination fee.

49 day calculator.



Select your tarrif end date on the calendar above


Dates for tarrifs ending on the last day of a month

Fixed Tarrif Ends Date 49 days before tarrif ends
January 31st December 13th
February 28th January 10th
February 29th January 11th
March 31st (not a leap year) February 10th
March 31st (leap year) February 11th
April 30th March 12th
May 31st April 12th
June 30th May 12th
July 31st June 12th
August 31st July 13th
September 30th August 12th
October 31th September 12th
November 30th October 12th
December 31th November 12th