Latest Octopus Tracker Prices for Northern Scotland.

The Octopus Tracker tariff for gas and electricity is a variable tariff which follows the wholesale price of energy using a set formula.

Note that with the current extremely high wholesale prices both the electricity and gas tariffs have been capped to protect the consumer.

This tariff can be selected by customers who either have a smart meter or are willing to submit monthly meter readings. Where customer daily readings cannot be used the bill calculation is based on a deemed profile following standard industry methods.

It is possible to select tracker for gas and another tariff for electricity or the other way around.

Octopus Tracker


Daily Gas Tracker Tariff Prices Chart


The Tracker v3 Gas Price on Sun 26/06/2022 is 6.80p/kWh.

Wed 01/06/226.86p/kWh
Thu 02/06/224.56p/kWh
Fri 03/06/224.56p/kWh
Sat 04/06/224.56p/kWh
Sun 05/06/224.56p/kWh
Mon 06/06/225.03p/kWh
Tue 07/06/225.83p/kWh
Wed 08/06/225.81p/kWh
Thu 09/06/224.31p/kWh
Fri 10/06/221.61p/kWh
Sat 11/06/223.89p/kWh
Sun 12/06/223.89p/kWh
Mon 13/06/224.31p/kWh
Tue 14/06/226.71p/kWh
Wed 15/06/227.42p/kWh
Thu 16/06/228.79p/kWh
Fri 17/06/228.49p/kWh
Sat 18/06/225.80p/kWh
Sun 19/06/225.80p/kWh
Mon 20/06/226.34p/kWh
Tue 21/06/227.46p/kWh
Wed 22/06/228.63p/kWh
Thu 23/06/227.92p/kWh
Fri 24/06/227.84p/kWh
Sat 25/06/226.80p/kWh
Sun 26/06/226.80p/kWh

Prices include VAT, in addition the Tracker v3 Gas tariff has a standing charge of 27.22p/day (including VAT).

The Gas Tracker v3 prices are capped at 11 p/kwh


Daily Electric Tracker Tariff Prices Chart


The Tracker v3 Electric Price on Sun 26/06/2022 is 25.64p/kWh.

Wed 01/06/2229.44p/kWh
Thu 02/06/2226.96p/kWh
Fri 03/06/2223.31p/kWh
Sat 04/06/2224.51p/kWh
Sun 05/06/2224.07p/kWh
Mon 06/06/2225.35p/kWh
Tue 07/06/2228.13p/kWh
Wed 08/06/2224.97p/kWh
Thu 09/06/2223.12p/kWh
Fri 10/06/2221.50p/kWh
Sat 11/06/2214.18p/kWh
Sun 12/06/2221.82p/kWh
Mon 13/06/2226.43p/kWh
Tue 14/06/2228.21p/kWh
Wed 15/06/2229.49p/kWh
Thu 16/06/2230.98p/kWh
Fri 17/06/2233.53p/kWh
Sat 18/06/2226.94p/kWh
Sun 19/06/2227.29p/kWh
Mon 20/06/2231.29p/kWh
Tue 21/06/2236.30p/kWh
Wed 22/06/2234.67p/kWh
Thu 23/06/2237.05p/kWh
Fri 24/06/2231.33p/kWh
Sat 25/06/2227.60p/kWh
Sun 26/06/2225.64p/kWh

Prices include VAT, in addition the Tracker v3 Electric tariff has a standing charge of 49.8p/day (including VAT).

The Electric Tracker v3 prices are capped at 40 p/kwh